First Time Milky Way Photo Shooting

First Time Milky Way Photo Shooting
Milky Way, Ping Palee Resort, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. (Nikon D7100, 10-24mm, Panorama)

Camera Settings: f/3.5, 30s, ISO3200, WB/4100K
Process: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom


7 Replies to “First Time Milky Way Photo Shooting”

    1. Actually I got these photos of milky way without planning, I just go for vacation and then good luck! By the way, I think Kanchanaburi province is another location for chasing milky way most of area are mountain and forest so not much street and city light on night sky and not far from Bangkok about 2.30hrs by car. I think there are more locations not far from Bangkok, first is Kao Koh in Petchaboon province and second is Kao Yai in Nakonratchasima, both are 2-3hrs from Bangkok by car. Finally I’m not a professional photographer and experience for chasing stars you can google more details. Have fun and good luck, hope you get the big shot 😉


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