Kyrie 4 Mamba


Nike Kyrie 4 Mamba
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Sometimes we need to leave, in order to arrive
Sometimes we must go up, to know we belong on the ground.
Sometimes we bow, to know why we should stand.
Sometimes you have to be apart to know you belong together.
Sometimes we need to see something small, to know what is great.
Sometimes to know what is right, we need to see what is wrong.
Because sometimes, you have to see, to believe.

(National Geographic)

Portrait: Lydia

Portrait: Lydia Sarunrat
Portrait: Lydia Sarunrat

Portrait: Lydia Sarunrat
Model : Lydia Sarunrat
Location : Khongsittha, Bangkok, Thailand
Make Up & Hair : Panataya Tia Sawangvorahanx
Stylist : Nannan Atisthan
Producer : TAKE@PHOTO
Photographer: Natthakorn Saravasee (Nokhuakwan)
Full album on my Facebook Page: NOKHUAKWAN PHOTOGRAPHY

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